there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. for the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death. [romans 8:1-2]


the ministry of the law, the end of the work of the law, is to show that, we in our sin, fall short of the glory of God. [rom 3:23]  in that “falling short”, we stand condemned before holy God because he is that glorious, other, perfect. and, we are that sinful, rebellious, unrighteous.

the ministry of the Spirit through the work of Jesus – is righteousness and the removal of condemnation from our lives. because of Jesus, we are free from condemnation!


“for how long?” … forever!

“what about” … fully free, no condemnation forever!

“even” … yes, forever!


today, what if you lived in the reality of the freedom you have in Christ? what if shame could not haunt you today? what if guilt could not hang on your back and churn your stomach? what if you could walk, breath, love, serve, and worship free from all guilt and shame?

you can, i can, we can. if we walk in faith that what Christ did to consume our sin and condemnation, actually worked, we can walk in freedom.


what holds you back from freedom right now? (Christ has won our freedom at the cost of his life!)

what is allowing you to carry the guilt which is not yours? (Christ carried all your guilt completely!)

what is making it so hard for you to believe? (the Spirit has come to fill you so, by his power, you can believe!)


today. right now! let’s go to the LORD, and beg for the belief to walk in freedom. he’s waiting to empower and to walk with you in the freedom he has won and given to you by His Spirit. he’s waiting …


~ john ryan