but thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere. [2 corinthians 2:14]


picture the smell of bath and body works, or yankee candle, or picture pumpkin spice over taking a space. now if you hate all those smells picture something you couldn’t get enough of; grandmas cookies, fresh laundry, or your favorite essential oil – powerful enough to fill an entire room, an entire home, seep out into the streets and alert the neighbors. a smell so powerful so wonderful it is worth remembering, one hint of it can bring back the sweetest memories.

that’s what these triumphal processions were like for the romans, so known that even as paul wrote to the corinthians who were 600 miles away from rome, they knew of the fragrance which paul was alluding to. our sense of smell has a tendency to link to emotions stronger than any other form of memory, and multiple times in scripture we see the metaphor of how we are to be the aroma of Christ. we are to be the ones who trigger a memory deep within. everyone made in the image of their creator has eternity placed upon their hearts (eccl 3:11). Christ wants to use you to show them the fragrance that is so sweet they must have it.

how do you smell? to those you live with? work with? your neighbors?

pray. ask God to reveal to you how you smell, what aroma is your life bringing to the world.

if you are rooted in Christ, praise him. how sweet that he has pressed upon your life so greatly to affect your scent.

if not, if you do not see the affects of your fragrance, ask for conviction. ask for an ache for the lost, for your brethren.

run to him.


~ holly russell