and he touched my mouth and said: “Bbhold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and your sin atoned for.” [isaiah 6:7]


here in isaiah’s vision we see the future hope of Jesus that we as believers today have experienced. only the power of God through Jesus can take away our guilt and atone for our sin.

i have a one year old son, so i often find kids worship music playing around me.

one song in particular has had a profound impact on me in light of isaiah 6:7. you’ve probably heard this song, and each verse starts like this:

  • o be careful little eyes what you see
  • o be careful little ears what you hear
  • o be careful little tongue what you say
  • o be careful little hands what you do
  • o be careful little feet where you go
  • o be careful little heart whom you trust
  • o be careful little mind what you think

in light of these lyrics, the Lord has put one specific question on my heart:

how am i living in light of having my guilt taken away? 

am i being conscious of the way i’m living, intentionally aiming to honor God with what i look at on the internet, hear in music, say to my coworkers, etc? or am i indulging in sin because i know God will forgive me?

each day there are only 2 options. either we aim to see, hear, say, do, go, trust, and think things that are honoring to God, or we don’t.

we have been freed from sin through the grace of God! we’ve already experienced the fullness of grace in salvation. we don’t need to act a certain way in legalism or to earn our salvation. paul puts it this way in romans 6:

[1] what shall we say then? are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? [2] by no means! how can we who died to sin still live in it?



God, help us to live lives that are pleasing and honoring to you today. convict us of sin so that we may repent and experience your grace. move our eyes from worthless things, and give us life in your ways.


~ john sandman