the next day we put in at sidon. and julius treated paul kindly and gave him leave to go to his friends and be cared for. [acts 27:3]


previously, paul acknowledges that the reason he is still alive and declaring the Gospel is because of God’s sovereignty in helping him.

acts 26:22 – “to this day i have had the help that comes from God, and so i stand here testifying to both small and great, saying nothing but what the prophets and moses said would come to pass:”
in acts 27:3, we see God’s sovereign, divine kindness towards paul in that he provided a centurion who was kind to paul.
in my own life, at times i find myself feeling like God has abandoned me. like if he cared for me, my situation would be different.
but as i read paul’s story, i realize that God is with paul all throughout. God’s faithfulness and kindness are so evident, and yet… paul is still in prison. and yet… he will still be killed for his faith.
God’s help (his kindness, faithfulness, and sovereignty) don’t necessitate a situation change.
Jesus’ promise to be with us to the end of the age isn’t a promise of prosperity, but something even better. a promise to sit with us in the hurt, and celebrate with us in blessing.
God, help us trust that you are with us in all circumstances. help us trust in your care and your character. remind us again today of your care for us, and help us be content in your care for us. 
~ john sandman