he began to speak boldly in the synagogue, but when priscilla and aquila heard him, they took him aside and explained to him the way of God more accurately. [acts 18:26]


may the Spirit teach us something simple and yet beautiful and powerful in this short passage!


they took him aside

apollos was a powerful and persuasive speaker.

he was passionate about the Lord and was passionate about Jesus.

but, he did not fully understand that Father God has saved us, made us right with him, through the Son of God (Jesus), so that we can be with him by the Spirit of God. he did not know about the Spirit coming to be with us. so they took him aside to let him know “the way of God more accurately”.


they risked their comfort. they risked hurting apollos. they spoke boldly. but, they did so gently. they “took him aside.” this is a beautiful and powerful truth to embed in our souls.


when our spirit is stirred by the Holy Spirit because of what some believer is saying or doing – we have two responses. 1) we can ignore the Holy Spirit in disobedience. 2) we can listen to the Holy Spirit and ask him – what do you want me to do?

the majority of the time – the Holy Spirit is prompting us to say something to this believer – to encourage, to ask a question. to correct, to affirm, to rebuke, to love, to challenge. however, rarely is he asking us to do this in front of all present. to “take aside” – means we are honoring the Spirit and our fellow believer. it means we care about what God wants to do in the moment, in the body of Christ, and in this person’s heart.

being right or correct – that is speaking the truth without love – makes us a “loud clanging cymbal” that amounts to nothing according to 1 corinthians 1:1-3. in ephesians 4:15, the Spirit thru the pen of the apostle paul commands us to be about “speaking the truth in love.”


today, tomorrow, soon – when the Spirit of God stirs your soul to speak to a fellow brother or sister in Christ – learn the beautiful and powerful practice of asking the Spirit 1) what do you want me to say or ask or listen for? 2) then, taking them aside, in love share what the Spirit has spoken to you.


~ john ryan