when silas and timothy arrived from macedonia, paul was occupied with the word, testifying to the jews that the Christ was Jesus. [acts 18:5]


occupied with the word

what has occupied your heart and mind lately?

probably fun stuff, good stuff, even stuff that brings you happiness …

family together, presents given, traditions re-lived, meals shared, laughter enjoyed, and more.


all of these things are good, even godly if they are …

“testifying that the Christ is Jesus.”


this is what paul was about when his friends found him.

it does not say what he was doing as he was testifying. through this chapter, we see that at times he is preaching, making tents, meeting new people, going into homes, and hosting others. it wasn’t the action that made the moment a place that testified that Jesus was the Christ. it was how paul carried out the action and what he was talking about in the midst of his action.

the “Christ” – refers to Jesus being … King, Messiah, the Chosen One, the Holy One, the Son of God.

Jesus is all these things – King, Messiah, the Chosen One, the Holy One, the Son of God.

you don’t have to be preaching to make this clear.

you just have to testify that Jesus is these things.


and let’s be clear – paul did this in his actions. read ahead. it is clear Jesus was king of every decision and every move that paul made in his life. AND – paul did this with his words. he clearly stated that Jesus was king. at some point, it made its way into every conversation.

why? i think it goes back to this statement, “paul was occupied with the word.”

this wasn’t just a action, this noted what was occupying his heart and mind.


when you and i are occupied with the word – we will testify that the Christ is Jesus – in actions and words.


what is occupying your heart and mind?

today – let’s occupy it with the word – and let it bleed into every action and word – that the Christ is Jesus!



~ john ryan