beware, therefore, lest what is said in the prophets should come about:
“‘look, you scoffers,
    be astounded and perish;
for i am doing a work in your days,
    a work that you will not believe, even if one tells it to you.’”
[acts 13:40-41]
look, you scoffers
when was the last time you scoffed? did someone try and tell you their favorite football team would turn it around and be good this year? did somebody tell you a trip to the DMV would only take 10 minutes? or was it perhaps when somebody told you something the Lord had been showing them? was it when somebody told you the Lord had a plan for you and wanted to teach you to know his voice?
when is it that you’re tempted to scoff at the voice of the Lord? is it when somebody you think little of starts growing closer to him? is it when he starts working in a way you don’t expect him to, or want to? or is it when his word makes it clear that he’s closer and more involved in your life and this world than you think he is?
the Lord is near, he is intimately involved, and because he is sovereign, he works in ways we cannot even imagine. he uses the weak to humble the strong, the quiet to silence the eloquent, and the poor to influence the wealthy. what is it in us that expects to be able to predict the work of the Lord?
Lord, forgive us for thinking we know better than you, for thinking we can predict you better than we can predict the people around us. help us to desire to be surprised by you, and teach us to know your still, small voice!
~stephen hall