but the word of God increased and multiplied. [acts 12:24]
sometimes God moves while we flourish with him; sometimes he moves while we suffer; sometimes he moves while we’re unaware; and sometimes he moves and strikes down his enemies on this earth.
seasons change, persecutions rise and fall, but the Lord remains the same. we so often look for just the right recipe for God to finally move, and while yes we do get to play a part in God’s work, his love and will are assured. his word will not return to him void!
what would it look like to start believing it, in the easy moments and the hard, in flourishing and in persecution, in abounding and in times of boredom?
Lord, help us believe that you are our one constant, that you are working your purpose in ways we get to join in, and in ways and times we do not understand. roof our steadfastness in trust of you and your sure hand!
~ stephen hall