for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. [2 timothy 1:7]

why do you think the Spirit of God guided paul to add “self-control” to the short list super powers we receive through the Spirit. “super powers” is tongue in cheek, but truly, this is an incredible list of supernatural powers we receive from God. power: the power of God that is above all powers. love: the unconditional love of God. and then, self control. just doesn’t carry the same punch: power, love, … self-control. why is self-control in this list?

i think there are many reasons self-control is in this list. i would encourage you to pray and think on this question. for now, i want to give you just one that i believe you and i can apply today.

self-control is not about you being in charge or being the “control” master. no. the word in the greek means – sober minded or operating under wisdom. i believe it is specifically in this list after power and love because of our need to walk in God’s power and love with great wisdom. it means: having the wisdom to be kind and gracious as we are operating in God’s power. it means: having the wisdom to be full of truth and grace as we are pouring out his love.

today, as you pray, engage with the very presence of God by submitting to the Spirit. verbally – submit to the Spirit’s leading. with your heart and mind acknowledge, you desperately need his power and love today. and then, ask for his wisdom to control how you walk in his power and love today.

Father, we thank you for your gifts, your very character you have given to us in Christ Jesus. Spirit, we submit to you. lead us and give us your wisdom as we walk in your love and power today.