now those who were scattered because of the persecution that arose over stephen traveled as far as phoenicia and cyprus and antioch, speaking the word to no one except jews. but there were some of them, men of cyprus and cyrene, who on coming to antioch spoke to the hellenists also, preaching the Lord Jesus. [acts 11:19-20]


how do you determine who you share the gospel with? or who you talk about God with?

i’m frequently convicted when reading the book of acts because i realize that, just like many of the early christians, i often pick and choose who i’m willing to share the gospel or even talk about God with.
maybe it’s avoiding making it “awkward.” or the reasoning that i don’t know a person well enough yet. or maybe i know them too well and i don’t want to alter the friendship. i don’t want to be seen as different, i just want to be accepted. i don’t want to offend anyone, that wouldn’t be loving. this person hates God, why should i even try to bring it up?… and the list of my reasons goes on…
maybe you can relate.
i so long for myself and all of us as christians to be like these men from cyprus and cyrene. men who not only spoke to the jews, but also to the greek gentiles who many had written off. and as we will see tomorrow, much fruit came from their boldness.
it’s time we stop picking and choosing who we share with. who we’re open and honest with about our lives and our savior.
we’ve already seen in acts where thousands of people were saved in a single day. our God can save in droves, and it’s time we live in boldness like we believe that.
God, forgive us for using our own judgement at times on who we share the gospel with. increase our boldness to share you today. to share your goodness, to share your love, and to share your gospel. prepare the hearts of those who we will come in contact with today. make us sensitive to your Spirit today, and help us obey your promptings. save souls today, o God, we plead for it. 
~ john sandman