all this came upon king nebuchadnezzar.
[daniel 4:28]
God’s sure word
usually when we talk about God’s word being sure, we say it as an encouragement that his promises to be with us, that his promise that his steadfast love will endure forever, and his promise to carry out justice on behalf of the oppressed, are true. in this case, however, God’s word being true to nebuchadnezzar is not much encouragement to him. there is a purely positive side and a costly side to God, and us, committing to stick to our words.
the positive side
God sticking to his word to us means that for those who believe in Jesus’ name, he moves our sins as far as the east is from the west. it means he will return bodily to this world and redeem it completely and finally. it means that for eternity the saved of God will dwell with him in joy and no more suffering.
the costly side
God sticking to his word means for those who do not believe in the name of his son, judgement is coming. it means he opposes the proud. it means according to romans 1 he gives the lost over to their sinful passions.
how would your peace chance if you started living in consistent belief in God’s promises? and how would your urgency towards the lost change if you consistently renumbered God’s justice towards sinners?
Lord, forgive us for resting in anything other than you and your sure word to us, and forgive us for not taking your promise to bring sinners to justice seriously. teach us to live in trust of you, and to urgently run to the lost to offer them the saving grace they desperately need.
~stephen hall