for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. [ 2 timothy 1:7]

as you read this verse – go back and read verses 3-7 again. as pastor marc shared last wednesday, put this one verse in total context. read it one more time and pray for God to make you aware of his presence. pray for God to speak through his word. pray for patience to wait on God. now, slowly, answer the following questions:

  • what do you see about the character of God – that awes you? who is he that awes you?
  • what has God done for us in Christ – that stirs you? what has God given us in Christ that stirs you?
  • what is he calling you to do – FROM who he is and who you are in Christ? what is the action to do in Christ?

this is a much shorter but in some regards a more thoughtFULL writing for you and i to engage. but, it has the possibility of really pressing you into the “presence” of God. take some time to pray and really wait on God. i believe his presence will speak. and what he will show you will be beautiful and powerful – because that is who he is and what he does. he is ultimate beauty and ultimate power, and he loves to display himself to us and the world so we can see and worship him: be awed by him, be stirred by him, and be moved to action in him.

be still and know that i am God. [ps 46:10]