i will also speak of your testimonies before kings and shall not be put to shame. [psalm 119:46]

God has given us as ambassadors, the beautiful gift of stewarding the gospel of Jesus Christ. in his word, he gives us the truth of life in his presence, then implants it into our hearts, giving us understanding and delight to live in it. then out of all of this miraculous regeneration he causes these truths to spill out in joy to those he puts in our path.

so are you spilling out the glory of God?

this psalmist has already talked about the wicked, princes plotting, his enemies, kings, and he goes on to mention his companions, brothers, his teachers, his persecutors, and those who fear the Lord. to all of these, he is declaring the glory of God. to some, it is a stench; those who silence the truth of God in their hearts so they can deny it, because their only desire is to be their own god. but to some, it is a sweet and satisfying aroma that leads to life! the psalmist doesn’t decide. he is only the messenger. and so the reaction doesn’t matter. he is not put to shame because he knows he holds in his heart the keys to eternal life. God’s presence is all he needs, and so there is no fear! no holding back!

Father, i am overwhelmed by your gift of mercy and grace. you have breathed life into my heart, and opened my eyes to your beauty. let me not be silent! put this same boldness in me that you put in the psalmist, that i might speak of your testimonies before kings and not be put to shame! use me!

~arwen eastman