for the whole law is fulfilled in one word: “you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” [galatians 5:14]


what rules do you struggle to desire to follow because you don’t see that they exist to help you love your neighbor?


make a habit of going to church/lot family consistently (hebrews 10:25)

steward your body well (1 corinthians 3:16-17)

submit to your earthly authorities (romans 13:1)

desire to serve rather than be served (mark 10:42-45)

do not get drunk (ephesians 5:18)

confront fellow believers when they sin (matthew 18:15-20)

be slow to speak (james 1:19)

do not swear or take any oath (james 5:12)


the enemy wants us to think our sin only affects us, but it always affects those around us, preventing us from loving our neighbor. it sometimes does this directly, but according to paul it always gets in the way of loving our neighbor. even if it does so indirectly, we will never be able to perfectly love our neighbor, but the God who loves perfectly lives in us! through his power, love can drive all that we do.


Lord, show our hearts how the whole of the law and each thing your scripture calls us to do serves the end of loving our neighbor. open our eyes to how we have believed that our “secret sins” only affect us, and guide us into all repentance. we love you; teach us to love our neighbors as you love us.


~ stephen hall