on behalf of this man I will boast, but on my own behalf I will not boast, except of my weaknesses— [2 corinthians 12:5]


weaknesses in 2 corinthians chapters 11 and 12 are:

  • they are not your sin.
  • they can be human limitations. (not all knowing, not all powerful, you need sleep, love, others, etc.)
  • they can be human brokenness. (disease, cancer, diabetes, bad back, infertility, bad hearing, etc.)
  • they can be sins done to you. (persecution, abuse, betrayal, abandonment, etc.)

weaknesses are allowed or given to us by God. (2 cor 12:7)

weaknesses allow us to be a vessel for God’s power to be displayed in us and through us. (2 cor 12:9)


today, as you engage the presence of God, allow these questions to shape your time and the rest of your day in his presence.

  • what is a weakness God has allowed in your life to display his power in you and through you?
  • ask God to make you desperate today for his power in the midst of your weakness.
  • ask God, that through your weakness, he would clearly display his power in you.


Father, reveal my weakness today. reveal it in such a way that i’m desperate for you. and, rest your power on my weakness today in such a way that it is clear you are working in the midst of my weakness! in Jesus name, amen!


~ john ryan