on-site worship gathering


why gather in person?

gathering in person is vital to the life of the body of Christ. (heb 10:24-25) however, during this whole pandemic, we have sought to be good neighbors to all involved, so we closed our doors as we were asked and now that we can open them, we are seeking to provide a safe option for the body to gather again.

why rsvp and what is the procedure

in order to provide a safe social distancing environment, we are asking people to rsvp so we can pre-set chairs in a safe way. click on the button above (onsite worship rsvp) and it will take you to a form. we will communicate with you during the following days your seating arrangements and other information.

can i sit with my friends?

only family, roommates, and significant others will be paired in seating arrangements. to provide safe social distancing all others will spaced at more than 6 ft.

reasons to not come to the gathering

if you are sick, have a persistent cough, or a fever, please do not come to the gathering.
if you do not feel comfortable coming to the gathering, we will be streaming our worship gathering.

where will the gathering be and when?

may 20th, we will have one gathering at 645 pm in our back parking lot using our new patio as the stage area. please arrive between 600 and 630 so we can have enough time to usher everyone to their seats.

what to do when you arrive on site

parking: please park in any of the adjacent lots except the back lot by the patio or the union lot to the east of our building.

check in procedure: we will have several check in tables surrounding the seating area. please, check in before you head to your seat. you will be assigned a seat(s) and a number that will be texted to you during the week after you rsvp.

chairs: you do not need to bring chairs, they will be provided.
wear a face mask: you do not need to wear a face mask, but you can if you would like to. we will provide face masks if you desire one.

bathrooms: will be provided in urgent or emergency situations. please, try and refrain from using the restrooms. we want to keep the building as empty as possible.

kids: kids are welcome at your discretion. we will NOT PROVIDE any ml kidz or childcare. when you arrive, we will have a packet for kids to do while they are in their seats.

what if it rains?

if it rains, the gathering will be moved to live-stream only.

cleaning procedures?

we will have hand sanitizer at the check in stations and we will be cleaning the bathrooms after each use.