but understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. [2 timothy 3:1]

God is referred to as a saving refuge (ps 28:8), a strong tower (ps. 61:3), a shield (2 sam. 22:31), an anchor (heb. 6:19), and a hiding place (ps. 32:7) in scripture.

you do not need a shield unless there is an enemy. you do not need a hiding place unless there is something to hide from. and, you do not need an anchor unless there is something threatening to move you off course.

the question is not, “will there be difficulties?” the question is, do you stand out in the middle of the storm or do you run to the saving refuge? you see, our circumstances do not change God’s character. which means our circumstances do not need to change our confidence in him. even in the midst of a world wide pandemic. even in the face of cancer. even in the middle of a marriage that seems to be beyond repair. even when the enemy is pounding you with lies about your identity. even when you suffer because of the sin of someone else. God’s character does not change which means when our circumstances do, we can hold fast to him as our anchor. when the enemy attacks, instead of panicking, we can stand behind the shield.

what circumstances in your life cause you anxiety, hurt, or doubt right now?

spend time today reflecting on this question. then search the scripture for truth about the steadfastness of God’s character and how Jesus can be the solution to your troubles. then lay down those troubles before God and ask him to draw you to himself through his provision.

~ keith kozlowski