i thank God whom I serve, as did my ancestors, with a clear conscience, as I remember you constantly in my prayers night and day. [2 timothy 1:3]

what could God change in you during this season for the glory of God. we have been given an incredible gift during this season – time. for many, we are trying to figure out what to do. there is work to do, family to steward, and friends to love. but even with these things, most of us have more time than usual. i have a simple statement – followed by a not so simple question.

statement: this extra “time” we have been given is a gift. use it wisely connecting deeper with God and others.

question: what one good and new thing could we carry on into our lives after normalcy returns?

you have time to read more, care more thru text and phone calls and gifts, and pray more. i am asking God he gives us the power thru his Spirit to redeem the time he has given us for his good and ours. but, I have a greater prayer for you and i:  Lord, change one thing in our life for your glory. one thing that doesn’t just change during this crisis and then disappears. but Lord, change one thing that carries on into the next season you give us. what could that be?

in verse 3, paul says he is praying for timothy “constantly” – night and day. this is a desire our pastors as a whole have for us as pastors. this is a desire we have for our whole body. this is a desire – i long for myself and for you. the desire: that we would become a people of prayer – not just people who pray. people that pray more often because we long for the presence of God. what if that was the one thing God changed in us thru this season? what if God gave us a longing, a drive to be with him that was so great, prayer became like food and water, something we needed and longed for daily, all day? will you join me in that prayer today. join me.

Lord, give us a longing for you that changes our heart and leads us to a life saturated in prayer now and for the rest of our lives.