global workers

derrill & becky



we are grandparents to 9 grandchildren! we oversee the work of team missionaries in seven countries in southeast asia with a focus of opening new ministries, partnering with local believers and churches and serving workers sent out by team. we also provide a platform for western churches to partner cross-culturally with indigenous frontline church planters in the indomalay world. we are serving in southeast asia where we were called in 1996.

we decided to go and respond to the call when we were invited by a family member to join a bi-cultural church planting team in a strategic city in the southern philippines.  this calling was meeting a need in the philippines and aligned well with our desire to work cross-culturally.

God is growing us in our strategic planning – discernment on how our team workers can use their time, talents and gifts to make disciples in collaboration with churches and mission agencies in the countries they work in to help reach the least reached people groups of southeast asia. we are also growing in the “angles” of ministry: prayer, scripture, and spiritual discernment. we are continuing to grow in the act of paying attention to God personally (prayer); in relation to biblical communities (scripture) and to others (spiritual discernment).

prayer requests

praise the Lord for a new grandson (peter jedadiah) who was born to our daughter anne in montana july 26.  pray for a growing elementary age bible study going on at our house in the philippines.  many children are showing interest in the gospel.  we are sending workers to v*itnam and are excited to start work there.  we have several ministry partners on the ground there.   we ask for prayer for our time in the u.s. we will be in the u.s. for the rest of this year, including some time in the st. louis area.  we are building a home in southeast mo and that will be our main base for ministry starting in mid-september. we have a number of churches and ministry partners to visit this fall.

michelle kyle

northern ireland


i am from st. louis, missouri. i was born on april 5, 1994. i am a missionary through team (the evangelical alliance mission) and God has made a way for me to use sports as an avenue to share the good news of Jesus. along with doing sports ministry, i also work alongside team staff and ministry leaders in Europe in mobilizing workers to europe and the uk.

i am serving in northern ireland, which consists of 6 counties on the upper region of the island of ireland and is part of the uk. there was not one specific moment that God called me to “go” but rather many moments and encounters that affirmed this desire for the nations that he put inside of me. doors kept opening and i kept jumping through them. it started with my first short-term mission trip to haiti in 2012, again in 2013, and then 9 weeks in south africa in 2015. during my last year of grad school in 2018, i was researching different missions organizations and international sports ministry opportunities and i came across a sports ministry opportunity in ireland through team. the rest is history.

i responded to God’s call because I could not imagine doing anything else. i feel it so deeply in my body and soul, but i go with open hands knowing that God could call me to something or somewhere else at any time. conversation after conversation, God was and still is affirming and watering the seed he planted in me.

i would need an entire notebook to fully tell you all the ways that God is working in me now. but i will try to keep it short and simple. over the last two years he has been sharpening, growing and healing me in the area of emotional intelligence and emotional awareness.

prayer requests

pray for clarity and unity among our team as we seek the Lord in what the next year should look like. for me, you can pray that i am able to transition well into my new role and figure out a healthy rhythm and boundaries in the different hats that i wear.

the g’s



we serve on a church planting team that desires to see a church planted in one of the unreached people groups of *******. though many of these groups are inaccessible due to location and government regulations, we now live on the outskirts of the city that is predominantly occupied by m***** people! we are the only known believers in our immediate area. currently we are learning the local language and studying culture as the Father opens difficult doors for us and our team. we live in *****, *******.


we both sensed God leading us to work overseas when we were 18 years old. we spent many years getting bible training as well as specific mission training. we spent much time in prayer and on survey trips discerning where and what our roles were.
we went because “the harvest is white!” we went because there are very few workers gleaning these fields. we went because, in spite of many barriers, fears, and impossibilities, the promises of God are true and his kingdom is coming here! we also went simply because he commands it (matt 28:18-20; mark 16:15-18; luke 24:45-49; june 20:21-23) and we want to walk in obedience.
God is teaching us how to pray about the very things that come against us and the things we desire (rather than fear them). he has been working in both of our hearts and showing us more freedom in him by knowing Jesus more through the word, by understanding ourselves more, and by good mentorship.

prayer requests

  • pray that seeds of the good news are sown and take root– whether we get kicked out or not.
  • pray that we learn ******** well so that we can skillfully teach in the “heart language.”
  • ask him to give us access to our unreached neighbors and their peoples. these people were shut off from the outside world up until fairly recently because they did not want outside influence. we still feel the resistance.
  • we are constantly aware of the spiritual battle here. pray that we do not grow weary.
  • pray that the kingdom will spread to places it has never reached before through a demonstration of God’s power!
  • pray for wisdom on which people group(s) to target.
  • ask the Father what role you can play!

    david peterka



    david, essy and their son, taji, spend most of each year in malawi, sa africa and absolutely love it. david is from st. louis and essy is from kenya, but they met in malawi in 2015 and got married in 2017. david founded an organization called when the saints in 2011, which they currently still help to direct.

    when the saints build the first and only long-term trauma counseling safe home for girls who have been abused. there have been hundreds of girls that have come into the year-long program. they also desire to see a sustainable reduction in the cases of abuse and have a program to help men walk in sexual integrity.

    prayer requests

    • please pray with those in malawi and america whom God is calling to the ministry of when the saints.
    • pray for clarity, obedience, faith and that they would fall more in love with Jesus with every step.
    • pray that local malawian churches would be receptive to the vision and truly own it.
    • contend for girls who are currently being sexually abused in malawi. pray their hearts would be sustained by the supernatural love of Jesus and that their hope would not grow cold.
    • pray that God would continue to use when the saints to usher his kingdom into this world. pray that we would only continue to move at his every whisper and nothing more.
    • consider the men who are actively abusing young girls. these men are no less enslaved than the very girls they abuse and are in equal need of the rescuing of Jesus.
    • pray for the utter healing and freedom of every effect of sexual sin…. not only for those who have been exploited, but also for those who exploit.
    • pray that Jesus would open up your eyes to the reality that ending sexual abuse in the world must begin inside your own heart.

    compassion connection



    matthias is partnered with compassion connection in ecuador. since 2010, ml has taken over 300 people on short term trips to support a church planter dario in the jungle, to encourage the discipleship of local leaders, and to walk along side all of the compassion connection team.

    the ministry was started by steve and sandi youngren, and recently, the day to day oversight of compassion connection has transitioned to justin and laurel eccles.

    prayer requests

    • justin and laurel as they learn spanish and embrace this new role.
    • gaby, a compassion connection team member, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.
    • pastor dario as the labors on hard soil in the jungle.
    • our partnership…as we seek to remain steadfast in the call.

    grace johnston

    new zealand


    i am a christian, a wife, and one of 8 children in my family. i am serving in tauranga in the bay of plenty, new zealand. i serve as the ministry coordinator for young adults at redeemer church tauranga. this includes everyone ages 18-30 in our congregation, and involves studies, fellowship, worship, prayer, meetings, mental health check-ups, and just being present when needed.

    i would say that i was first called to new zealand when i was about 14 years old when i felt an indescribable prompting to go to new zealand. i hadn’t been shown new zealand through any media that i can remember and my parents were clueless as to where i got the idea from (as was i). i felt it pressing on my heart for 4 years, so when i turned 18 i figured there’s no harm in taking a short trip to see what new zealand was all about. i contacted a few acts 29 churches asking if they wanted or needed an intern with my skills, and redeemer responded right away. God completely pieced together the logistics, despite my scarce knowledge and resources.

    i can see God working in my life in many ways. i just began the adventure of marriage and through the process and since meeting my fiancé, now husband, God has been growing me in my understanding of him like never before. with the questions the young adults ask me combined with my own curiosity and redeemer being a confessional church, i’ve been prompted into deeper study of Christ and his church. i am constantly in awe of my God and his greatness!

    prayer requests

    for our young adult group to grow in self-discipline, accountability, and self-care (spiritually) – for them to fight their sins and not give in to them. for wisdom for me and my husband as we lead them. for me to be able to focus on my ministry and building relationships.