college students at matthias’ lot

it’s possible you came to this page because you’ve heard that we love college students. and that we have hundreds of them involved in the life of our church on a daily basis. or maybe you’ve never heard any of those things. either way, you are here asking the question, “what does a college student at matthias’ lot church do?”

it’s true that we deeply love college students, but we do not desire to build an awesome college ministry. instead, we are a church that loves and serves college students, who are themselves members of the church.

we want to see college men and women saved, integrated into the life of the church, given opportunities to grow and serve, and then sent out after college to impact the world for Christ.

don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of ultimate frisbee games, late nights, and fun memories. but you will also have families open their homes to you. leaders will sit down and have conversations with you about life and your heart. and you will be called on to serve along side the rest of the church. and it’s going to be a party.


if you are a college student that wants to get involved or has questions, text brandon at 636.744.4218.